Club Referral Scheme


As a reward for switching your club to us, we are happy to offer £150 worth of free Hugga kit to the person responsible for making the switch. It's really simple - once we have agreed to work together, we will give you a special discount code that entitles you to £150 off any purchase from the Hugga website. 

Things are different with Hugga - our business is based upon being able to offer high performance Made-In-Britain kit on a single unit basis at a great price. Switching to Hugga means that your club will no longer have to organise group kit orders... we empower individual club members to buy whatever they want, whenever they need it. Everything that we sell is hand made to order and delivered inside of four weeks. 

You can find out more about Hugga Club Kit Supply here. And if you would like to contact us to talk about switching your club to us, please get in touch via our contact page or email


There are a few simple terms & conditions that go along with this offer...
  • This offer is only available to UK clubs who are registered with British Rowing and are listed on their Club Finder Service
  • The offer is dependent on agreement in writing from a club official (captain or equivalent) agreeing that Hugga will be the club's main kit supplier for a minimum of the coming 12 months*
  • 'Main kit supplier' means that the club will purchase all it's Lycra kit from Hugga along with all major items associated with rowing (eg. splash jackets, waterproof gilets etc). Items not available from Hugga or one off purchases from another supplier are not a problem - please contact us for clarification
  • The offer is not open to clubs seeking a one-off purchase (eg. a one off purchase of a number of rowing suits or similar)
  • The £150 discount code will be released after Hugga has received £1000 of orders from your club page
  • The £150 discount code can only be spent on the Hugga website
  • The £150 discount code is not refundable or exchangeable and can only be used once. Change will not be given if the voucher is used for a purchase of less than £150
  • Only one £150 discount code will be available to any new club
  • The offer is not open to any club with whom Hugga has, or has previously had, an agreement with
  • Hugga reserves the right to choose not to work with a specific rowing club on commercial grounds regardless if the above criteria have been met
  • If you require any clarification on the above or are unsure whether your club meets our criteria, please do not hesitate to contact us
    *We include this point to (a) guard ourselves against individual club members operating without the consent of their rowing club and (b) because there are certain set up costs for us that come with beginning a relationship with a new club.