At Hugga we offer an end-to-end manufacturing service for high performance and high quality sportswear. Everything is handmade by us in our Sheffield factory. 

Sewing room

We have two key areas of specialism - (1) helping to launch new sports and activewear brands and (2) working with existing brands who want to embrace Made In Britain. 

Helping To Launch New Brands 

Launching a new sportswear brand can seem like an impossible task. From design and fabric choices to choosing manufacturers, sampling and bringing an initial range to market, there is a huge amount to work through. 

We went through this process when we launched Hugga back in 2012, using small British manufacturers to get us off the ground, and we have developed our production facility from the ground up to offer a user friendly and scalable service. We can offer a simple and low cost model that cannot be replicated by producing overseas. And with low minimums (right down into single units for certain items), with us you avoid  the risk and uncertainty of paying for large initial runs prior to your first sale.  

Working With Existing Brands 

We get two types of existing brands coming to us - brands that already have a solid business selling non-clothing to a well established customer base and established clothing brands who have previously manufactured abroad. 

Manufacturing your sportswear in the UK can offer key advantages to both groups, over and above faster turnaround times versus producing offshore. With us you can have complete confidence in your supply chain - you are welcome to visit us during production to make sure that everything is being made just as you want it. Plus, 'Made In Britain' has arguably a greater value than ever to customers. 

Our Process

Pattern Making

We create patterns in house to your specifications, be it adapting patterns that we already have to your requirements or making something entirely bespoke for you. We charge separately for pattern making so that you own your patterns, meaning that you are not tied to us in any way. 

Pattern Digitisation

We have developed our own method of digitising paper patterns for fabric printing. Keeping this in house allows a seamless workflow and incredible results. 

Dye-Sublimation Printing

We have a full sublimation printing set up in house, meaning that we can print any design onto any polyester based fabric. So if you are looking for all print leggings, tees or even sweats, we can help you create something unique and with huge standout in a crowded marketplace. 

Fabric Consultancy

We work with a select group of fabric companies, most of whom knit or weave their fabrics in the UK. So we are able to source fabrics for you that will absolutely meet your needs. But we are equally happy to work with fabrics that you supply into us.


We charge a set hourly fee for sampling, with fabrics and materials added on top. Again, you own your samples rather than us, so sampling with us is low cost and with no ongoing ties to us as a business. 


Our manufacturing team are incredibly experienced and deliver amazing quality. Our factory is small but well stocked with the perfect machinery for specialist sportswear production. And we have built a workflow that allows us to work in low, medium or high numbers depending on your requirement, with fast turnaround time. 


In house, we have vinyl cutting facilities and industrial heatpresses to attach logos, names and further branding to your garments. Out of house, we have strong working relationships with experts in embroidery and screen printing to give your garments the look that you are aiming for. 


Pattern Cutting: £12 to £95 depending on garment (grading at £5 to £22 per size depending on garment)

Sampling: £30 per hour plus the cost of materials

Consultancy: £30 per hour

Manufacturing: Your unit manufacturing cost is made up from the following four elements added together - 

- Cost of materials

- Machinist cost charge at the National Living Wage of £8.75 per hour*

- A general overhead towards our fixed costs at £5.05 per hour*

- Our margin at 50% based on the above

*These costs are broken down into 10 minute periods so you only pay for work on your garments 

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