When Hugga started in 2012, we had absolutely no plans to go into clothing production. We spent 6 months searching for a manufacturer that could make rowing kit for us and we found the perfect partner. But the production seed was sewn pretty early on.

Back then, a friend arranged for us to get a bit of business mentoring from a very successful management consultant. Over coffee, he gave us loads of brilliant advice and put us in touch with some great contacts. But one thing he said stayed in my mind more than anything else... "never ever start doing your own production" he said, "leave it to the experts." 

From that moment on, we just had to start our own production facility. I've never been very good at being told that I can't do something. 

It took five years from that point. The business grew steadily and I worked as a rowing coach on the side, gradually putting enough money aside to make the factory a reality. And plans of new projects that we could pursue once we had the factory up and running stacked up. 



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